Boston Business Center

Rishon LeZion

In the best location in Rishon LeZion western industrial zone, a new and prestigious business center is currently being built, Boston Business Center.

The new complex will consist of a commercial ground floor, which in addition to shops, restaurants and recreation centers, will also include seating areas surrounded by green vegetation and ornamental pools that will bring an atmosphere of freshness and color into the complex.

Above the entrance floor, 7 office floors will be built, with modular  design which will allow large companies to be spread over one floor, or alternatively, to divide the floors into offices of different sizes.

The top floor will contain premium offices with adjacent balconies.


3 Ze’ev Shlang St., Rishon Le-Zion


Ilan Pivko Architects


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3 Ze’ev Shlang St., Rishon Le-Zion